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Western IPM Center Stakeholder Priorities

The Western IPM Center promotes the adoption of IPM practices in agriculture, communities and natural areas throughout the West to reduce pest damage to acceptable levels by the most economical means, while reducing the risk to people, property, resources and the environment.

Our stakeholders, who are from the 13 Western states and Pacific Island territories that make up the Region, identify priorities for the Western IPM Center. Because of the vast geographic, climatic, and host diversity in the Western Region - as well as the constant threat posed by new invasive and emerging pest species - our stakeholders have determined that a single list of priority pests, crops or issues is not practicable.

Therefore, Western IPM Center priorities fall into two categories:

  1. Invasive, resistant or emerging pest problems that are disrupting established and effective IPM programs in agriculture, natural lands or community settings.
  2. Pest issues and concerns previously identified as priorities by stakeholder groups in the West. Sources of published and available stakeholder-identified priorities include:


Western IPM Center Grants

The 2014 Competitive Grants program has closed. Special Issues funding remains available for urgent issues in the West.

Project Initiation Grants (up to $30,000 per year)
Project Initiation proposals are to begin new IPM project ideas. Project Initiation examples include, but are not limited to, proof-of-concept projects, preliminary experiments for data to support larger grants, stakeholder needs assessment or priority setting activities. Proposals should demonstrate a strong potential for success by developing, facilitating or catalyzing novel, effective solutions to important IPM issues.

IPM Work Group Grants (up to $30,000 per year)
IPM Work Groups are to support bringing together diverse groups to collaboratively address a regional IPM priority. Multi-state work groups address information, resource and research needs in region-wide or broad-area categories and enhance communication and collaborations within the region. A work group may also develop funding proposals to address critical issues in the West. (For more information, see our Workgroups webpage.)

Previously funded IPM Work Groups must apply for renewal each year and funding will be based on merit of the proposal and accomplishments from prior funding periods. Applications for Work Group renewal must be received by the application due date. They will be evaluated in competition with the other applications and will be reviewed according to the same criteria as new applications. Work Group renewal applications must include a two-page progress report documenting accomplishments of the last year. The two-page progress report is in addition to the eight page proposal narrative.

Outreach and Implementation Grants (up to $30,000 per year)
Outreach and Implementation projects are to build on previous IPM research and development projects by providing outreach to stakeholders to encourage implementation of IPM practices. Examples include but are not limited to workshops, demonstration projects, printed documents, and on-line IPM resources. Projects that provide eXtension Communities of Practice with outreach and implementation tools are encouraged. A goal of Outreach and Implementation projects should be the increased adoption of IPM practices in agricultural, community, or natural settings. The target audience, distribution plan for project products, and evaluation plan to assess knowledge or behavior change among the target audience must be clearly articulated.

IPM Planning Documents (up to $15,000 per year)
IPM Planning Documents projects are to support development of Pest Management Strategic Plans, IPM practices evaluations, and similar IPM planning documents.

Pest Management Strategic Plans (PMSPs) are developed with a multistate/island group of growers and other stakeholders to identify the pest management needs and priorities of a particular commodity or site. The plans document current pest management practices (chemical and non-chemical) and those under research and demonstration trial development. The plans also indicate priorities for research to fill knowledge gaps, regulatory changes, and education/training programs to support adoption of integrated pest management practices. PMSPs must conform to the guidelines found on the National IPM Centers website's Guidance in Developing a Pest Management Strategic Plan and are not considered complete until they are approved by the Western IPM Center leadership and posted on the National IPM Centers' database. Proposals to develop PMSPs for crops that do not have a plan or to update outdated PMSP's (more than five years old) are encouraged. See the list here.

IPM practices evaluations typically query growers or other pest management stakeholders to gather information about the current pest management methods on a particular crop or in a particular setting. This category includes projects that are entirely advanced sociological analysis (assessment of the economics/adoption/impact of IPM practices) of data from past evaluations or a follow up evaluations to document change in IPM practices since the previous survey.

Special Issues Grants (up to $5,000 per year) - This funding is available to respond to special issues in the West between normal grant cycles. Funding may be requested to bring groups together to address emerging issues such as a new pest, water issues, development of proposals for larger grants based on documented stakeholder needs, or development of Pest Alerts. Projects must be completed within one year of funding and be single-issue oriented. Funds are available until exhausted. Special Issues Grant Application (PDF, Word)

Project Evaluation Webinar: Dr. Al Fournier's presentation on impact assessment evaluation, given Dec. 3, 2013, has an expanded explanation of IRB review and how to describe short, medium and long-term objectives when writing a one-year proposal.

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