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California Commercial Crops - Region 2

Kern County

This information was compiled from the 1995 Agricultural Commissioners' reports and a 1997 survey of Agricultural Commissioners.

Crops grown in this county:

Alfalfa, Hay; Almond; Apple, All; Apricot, All; Asparagus; Barley; Barley, Seed Crop; Bean, Blackeye (Peas); Bean, Garbanzo; Bean, Succulent; Beet, Garden; Bermuda Grass; Bok Choy (Pak Choi, Patsai, Taisai, Tat-soi, Tsatsoi, Wong bok); Boysenberry; Broccoli; Cabbage, Head; Cabbage, Napa (Pe Tsai); Carrot; Cauliflower; Cherry, Sweet; Chestnut; Christmas Trees; Corn, Field; Corn, Silage & Forage; Corn, Sweet; Cotton; Cotton, Seed Crop; Feijoas; Figs; Forestry, Timber; Garlic, All; Grape, Juice; Grape, Raisin; Grape, Table; Grape, Wine; Grapefruit; Guava; Hay, Grain;

Kiwifruit; Kumquat; Lemon Grass; Lemons, All; Lettuce, Iceberg; Lettuce, Leaf; Lettuce, Romaine; Loquat; Melon, Canary; Melon, Cantaloupe; Melon, Casaba; Melon, Crenshaw; Melon, Honeydew; Melon, Persian; Melon, Santa Claus; Melon, Sharlyn; Mushrooms; Nectarine; Nursery, Ornamentals, Herbaceous; Nursery, Turf; Oats, Hay (and Silage); Olive; Onion, Dry Bulb; Onion, Dry Bulb Seed Crop; Onion, Green; Orange, Navel; Orange, Tangerine & Mandarine; Orange, Valencias;

Parsnips; Peach, Freestone; Pear, Asian; Pear, Bartlett; Pecan; Pepper, Bell; Pepper, Chile; Persimmon, Fuyu; Persimmon, Hachiya; Pistachio; Plum; Plumcot; Pomegranate; Potato, Irish; Potato, Sweet (Camote); Prickly Pear Cactus; Prune; Pumpkin; Radish; Raspberry; Rutabaga; Rye, Hay; Safflower; Silage; Sorghum, Grain; Spinach; Squash, All; Squash, Kabochas (Green Pumpkin); Squash, Summer; Strawberry; Sudan Grass, Hay; Sugarbeet; Tangelo; Tomato, Fresh Market; Tomato, Processing; Turnip; Walnut, English; Watermelon; Wheat; Wheat, Seed Crop.



Kern County

California Pest Management Center

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