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The Western Integrated Pest Management Center is one of four regional centers established by the United States Department of Agriculture to promote IPM practices and research. We serve 13 Western states and the Pacific Island territories.

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Director: Jim Farrar
(530) 750-1271

Associate Director: Matt Baur
(530) 750-1270

Writer: Steve Elliott
(530) 750-1269

Co-Director &
Principal Investigator:

Kassim Al-Khatib
University of California, Davis
(530) 750-1249

Co-Director: Peter Ellsworth
University of Arizona
(520) 568-2273, ext. 225

Co-Director: Paul Jepson
Oregon State University
(541) 737-9082

The Western IPM Center is headquartered in the UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Building at 2801 Second Street, Davis, CA 95618.

The Western Region Includes: AK · AS · AZ · CA · CO · FM · GU · HI · ID · MP · MT · NM · NV · OR · UT · WA · WY ~ IPM In Other States · Find an Expert

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